Friday, September 20, 2013

Lessons I learned in marketing job interviews

I'm closing my contracts this month, and feeling pretty blessed to snag some good interviews in marketing. The interviews are a process especially the cold leads. After each interview I learned deal breakers that change my perspective and reshaped my thinking going to the next round. The first rule of thumb is "Market Thyself". Always have a consistent blog that speaks to your passion. An incomplete blog says you don’t finish projects. Seriously, it comes up in an interview. Showcase a finished project the blog doesn’t cut it. 

Be more visible to your niche in social media and the community. Go to endless meetings events and allow them to learn you on a personal level. Next, do your research on the company and tweet or blog about the interest of the decision makers on, but be yourself. Think, can I influence my next boss on contractor to follow me on Twitter or Like my Facebook Page. 

Lastly, if you're a freelancer don't hide behind the work you provide for clients. I just learned this! Thank God for references or I would have been toast! 

Take care of home. Always have your own brand. The term, "my works speaks for itself" doesn't exist anymore. Your brand speaks for you nowadays. 

PS. I've received callbacks for the second round. Send your blessings, until then I'm working the heck out of my own advice.


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